About Jane B. Todaro
  Jane B. Todaro, a writer and screenwriter, as well as photographer, artist and entrepreneur, is a native of Northern Virginia.  Although she has attended a few drawing and photography classes, when it comes to art, Todaro is largely self-taught. 

Todaro has written "The Corner," a screenplay for a full-length film set primarily in Charlottesville, Va., where she has also photographed the beautiful, lush grounds of the Boar's Head Inn.  A bit nearer to home, places of particular photographic interest to Todaro have been Georgetown in Washington, D.C., Old Town in Alexandria, Va., and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Va.  Music and singing are other passions of hers.

After working for various organizations for nearly a decade, Todaro then worked for more than 23 years for BusinessWeek magazine, where she served as Assistant to the Washington Bureau Chief and Administrative Assistant, and then Office Manager, for the Washington bureau.  Todaro also occasionally wrote or contributed to various stories for BusinessWeek and BusinessWeek Online. 

After completion of her Catholic elementary-school education, Todaro attended Falls Church High School in Falls Church, Va., from which she graduated in 1976.  In 1977, she briefly attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.  Throughout the subsequent years, Todaro continued her post-secondary education by attending a wide variety of classes, primarily at Georgetown University's School for Summer and Continuing Education in Washington, D.C.

Todaro is currently marketing her greeting cards and framed prints to various shops in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, is developing a new product, and is at work on another screenplay.

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